Dear Hoşcan Business Partners,

There is no such concept as overtime in logistics sector. From supplying raw material, producting and marketing of institutions we served to their products' final point at market, all of responsibilities are belong to logistics firms as we. Not only transportation of goods are producted, but also coming of raw material components and transporting of goods are produced to consumer and storage are our business anymore.

Ibelieve unfair competition will be solved, fuel prices and other high outgoings will be shaped by standard and there will be prepared more fair competition platform by incerasing service quality in time. With your supports, our datas of 2010 show us we are at better point for managing supply chain which includes packing and storage services except for our transportation services quality.

HOŞCAN Lojistik started works which are necessary about GREEN LOGISTICS and took some real steps to decrease excreation of carbon by selecting vehicle. We noticed that the year 2010 wouldn't be profitable but would be stable and we also noticed that we would continue by our increasing endorsement and employment. As HOŞCAN Group we reached a young and dynamic society which includes almost 200 members. Our aim is; in the year 2011 to protect increasing employment and to move HOŞCAN institution culture to the future well. I thank you for your supports.

best regards, Mesut HOŞCAN